Friday, December 21, 2012

Tokyo, Japan

And we are off to LA and then on to Tokyo, Japan to visit. This will be my first time and our first time going together. I can't wait to share with you all when we get back.

P.S. Micah Olivet will still be open during my 2 weeks in Japan, however shipments will be made at my return on January 7, 2013. 

See you all in the new year, hooray for 2013!


This past weekend was unforgettable. From all the site seeing, shopping, eating and immense time of laughter, a couple of my dear friends made it out here to visit us for the weekend. I am reminded all the more how God places certain people in our lives and what a great blessing it is to have them. Thank you friends for the wonderful memories! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Memory

A dear friend shared this poem written by Cameo Smith in response to all the loved ones lost in the Connecticut shooting.

Twas' 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38 when 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven's gate.

Their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air. They could hardly believe all the beauty they saw there.

They were filled with such joy, they didn't know what to say. They remembered nothing of what had happened earlier that day.

"Where are we?" asked a little girl, as quiet as a mouse. "This is heaven." declared a small boy. "We're spending Christmas at God's house."

When what to their wondering eyes did appear, but Jesus, their savior, the children gathered near.

He looked at them and smiled, and they smiled just the same. Then He opened His arms and He called them by name.

And in that moment was joy, that only heaven can bring. Those children all flew into the arms of their King

And as they lingered in the warmth of His embrace, one small girl turned and looked at Jesus' face.

And as if He could read all the questions she had, He gently whispered to her, "I'll take care of mom and dad."

Then He looked down on earth, the world far below. He saw all of the hurt, the sorrow, and woe.

Then He closed His eyes and He outstretched His hand, "Let My power and presence re-enter this land!"

"May this country be delivered from the hands of fools. I'm taking back my nation. I'm taking back my schools!"

Then He and the children stood up without a sound. "Come now my children, let me show you around."

Excitement filled the space, some skipped and some ran. All displaying enthusiasm that only a small child can.

And i heard Him proclaim as He walked out of sight, "in the midst of this darkness, I AM STILL THE LIGHT."

Written by Cameo Smith, Mt. Wolf, PA

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Film, Digital, Which Do You Prefer?

With our brain's and technology advancing every moment, we have so many choices to choose from when it comes to certain things. Our society has grown in the area of media and social outlets and one of them is the camera. Going from film to digital we are always coming out with the next best gadget to take photos with. My husband is always up to date about these things, I'm just thankful I have him to inform me of these things otherwise I would have no idea. So, what's your preference, film or digital or both?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY No. 5: Tree Ornaments, the Thrifty Way

This Christmas, we did not plan on getting a tree since we would be gone Christmas and New Years day so we thought spending money on a tree would be a bit wasteful however, we were privileged to get a donated Christmas tree this weekend that was offered by the school that my husband works at. Instead of buying tree ornaments, this time I decided to make ornaments at home with materials I already have. The three main ornament types were cutout vintage animations of Christmas, personal photos, and pine cones. Here are the details, enjoy!

materials I used (that i already had at home):
-scotch tape
-print outs of vintage christmas animations, then cut
-pine cones
-family/friend photos

cut about 5" pieces of twine (depending on how many ornaments you have)

-for the paper cutouts, tape both ends of twine on back of cutout
-for pine cones, tie a knot or two then tie the ends

here are the ornaments ready to be hung

pine cone ornament

photo "ornament"

vintage cutout ornament

I thought this idea would give the tree a more home-y and personal feeling. I hope this inspires you to personalize your tree in some way!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY No. 4: Embroidered Holiday Cards

With Christmas coming up and as a family that's on a budget, I am trying to find ways to save money in different ways. Here is a DIY on embroidered holiday cards. What a great way to add just a small touch of your talented hand making skills. It also makes your card, words, and gift a bit more special.

materials needed: 
-cardstock paper & regular white paper for inside (cut into desired shape before you start embroidering your card)
- needle & thread
-razor (optional)

with the pencil, lightly write the message or greeting

-with the needle poke holes on the letters giving enough space for the threading.
-thread your needle and start threading through the holes making sure you overlap where needed to make sure all line tracing is not visible.

to cover the back threading glue just the left side of cardstock card and white lining paper inside.

what it should look like after gluing.

your handmade embroidered card.

hooray for diy cards!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspirational Monday No. 5

Hope you all had a fun weekend! I have been planning for this coming weekend for some of my dear high school friends that we will be hosting at our home. Though the weather is forcasted that weekend to have rain, I am in high hopes that it will not affect their visit one bit. Here are some inspirations that I have come across and have been on my mind lately. 

embroidery taken to a whole new level, karen nicol, her work is amazing.

window on the wall.

i am going to visit greece someday.

i love kincommunity and i also love this diy snow globe idea as gifts or just deco around the home.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Friday

Thank God it's Friday! Fell in love with these nail colors while out shopping the other day. A plus is that they dry super fast and are hard literally as nails. Oh, and the names are very enticing as well.

revlon: bare bones; sally hensen: sheer me now

bare bones will do for this week

you can find them here and here!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday, One More Day Till Friday

Just one more day till Friday! Though today is a bit gloomy, it won't effect my outfit. Hope your day is filled with positive business.

bcbg maxazria oversized sweater, nordstrom olive dress, urban outfitters faux cow hide flats

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Items on Etsy

Amidst all the rush that comes with this month, God has given me such patience and calmness to work on items for my etsy store lately and I am so grateful. Here is a sneak peak of two clutches I have worked on the past two days and will be up in my store, Micah Olivet, today. 

(I was not able to upload two of my vintage hair pins on my site due to some image issues, those should be up today as well, thank you for your patience.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beauty in the Stillness

There's something about dried out plants that gets to me, in a good way of course. Here are some amateur photos I took using a spotlight and some dried plants I have around the house.