Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY No. 5: Tree Ornaments, the Thrifty Way

This Christmas, we did not plan on getting a tree since we would be gone Christmas and New Years day so we thought spending money on a tree would be a bit wasteful however, we were privileged to get a donated Christmas tree this weekend that was offered by the school that my husband works at. Instead of buying tree ornaments, this time I decided to make ornaments at home with materials I already have. The three main ornament types were cutout vintage animations of Christmas, personal photos, and pine cones. Here are the details, enjoy!

materials I used (that i already had at home):
-scotch tape
-print outs of vintage christmas animations, then cut
-pine cones
-family/friend photos

cut about 5" pieces of twine (depending on how many ornaments you have)

-for the paper cutouts, tape both ends of twine on back of cutout
-for pine cones, tie a knot or two then tie the ends

here are the ornaments ready to be hung

pine cone ornament

photo "ornament"

vintage cutout ornament

I thought this idea would give the tree a more home-y and personal feeling. I hope this inspires you to personalize your tree in some way!