Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY No. 4: Embroidered Holiday Cards

With Christmas coming up and as a family that's on a budget, I am trying to find ways to save money in different ways. Here is a DIY on embroidered holiday cards. What a great way to add just a small touch of your talented hand making skills. It also makes your card, words, and gift a bit more special.

materials needed: 
-cardstock paper & regular white paper for inside (cut into desired shape before you start embroidering your card)
- needle & thread
-razor (optional)

with the pencil, lightly write the message or greeting

-with the needle poke holes on the letters giving enough space for the threading.
-thread your needle and start threading through the holes making sure you overlap where needed to make sure all line tracing is not visible.

to cover the back threading glue just the left side of cardstock card and white lining paper inside.

what it should look like after gluing.

your handmade embroidered card.

hooray for diy cards!