Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Discoveries: Part 2

On my way home from Capitola yesterday, I decided to take the local way home with my mother in law (who is visiting with us for a month) to show her what's around town. I love taking the local way because of all the vintage antique stores that are along the way and even though we are in the car, it's so awesome to be able to see the village's/town's old buildings and what stores that populate them. We made a quick starbucks stop in a small plaza in Aptos that also has a store called Warmth Company. My husband and I have driven passed this store several times and always wondered what kind of store it was but never really got the chance to go inside. Like me, my mother in law also enjoys spontaneous things so I suggested we visit the store. To my surprise it was the perfect type of store that I love. They have home furnishings, all sorts of accessories, books, antiques, bath and body, and all kinds of good stuff. The owners are just lovely as well and they have a blog on their website that have such fun post to read up on. Stores like this make me feel so happy and inspired:) I was particularly inspired by the crochet and knitted blankets that they are carrying and was inspired to make my own for this winter. I will definitely be visiting the store more often. 

Warmth Company

Here are some crochet/knitted blanket inspirations

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