Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Paper Shirt

Ready for Halloween? 

A friend (who is a teacher) had an idea for a costume but had trouble putting it together so I came up with the idea of making a Paper Shirt as part of her costume. After searching online I came across the perfect photo that matched what I was picturing in my head. Only the photo was screen printed. Screen printing (after all the preparing of materials) can be easily done however, for the reason that I do not have one, I decided to hand paint it myself. Here is the rough draft I did on my husband's shirt before working on hers.

from this...

to this!

I used:
-red and sky blue fabric acrylic paint
-black fabric marker (can use black fabric acrylic paint as well)
-old white shirt

-draw (with pencil) one vertical line on left side of shirt after measuring how far you want it from the seam.
-measure how far down you want to start the first horizontal line, draw a line going across the shirt.
-measure the space you want in between each horizontal line. 
-draw lines until you get to the bottom of the shirt.
-with red fabric acrylic paint, go over the vertical line, let it dry (only should take a couple minutes).
-check if red paint is dry. Start to go over the horizontal lines with sky blue fabric acrylic paint. Let paint dry. 
-Use black fabric marker or black fabric acrylic paint to write in words. Let it dry.

Voila, your shirt is complete.

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