Friday, November 30, 2012

Awesome Gifts

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of December? My dad reminds me every chance he gets that time goes by quick and I can't agree with him even more now that I am married and living out here with my husband in Watsonville. It seems like time goes by even more quickly because I always anxiously waiting and looking forward to the times I am with family. 

The first day of December just means we are 24 days away from Christmas! When thinking about what gifts to get for my family I always think about what I would love and enjoy receiving. Here are some gift ideas that would be great for this upcoming Christmas.

on our recent trip to vegas (for me after 8 years!) 
we made sure we visited the bouchon bakery 
and let me tell you, their macaroons were just perfect. 
my favorite, the vanilla.

white bodum travel/coffee press

print on print, would look nice in our guestroom!

peter pan collar necklace

wool throw (can find one at ikea for a more reasonable price!)

wood candle holders

calendar tea towel

first knuckle ring

kate spade iphone case

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