Friday, August 17, 2012

Additions to Etsy store!

My back went out this past week and sadly I have not managed to do much. Thankfully after several days of yoga exercises, rest on our new foam mattress and several films later, my back feels much better today! During my rest, I have been thinking about additional items that I would like to sell on my (soon to open) Etsy store and have decided to put up my handmade bow pins along with my handmade earrings. For the reason I want my store to reflect my passions and joy, I thought these additions would be perfect. Here are sneak peaks of what you would see up on my store (and more to come), enjoy!

Handmade bow hairpins made from lace and duct fabric

Handmade shell earrings on nickel free gold hoops

Wherever you go open your senses and be inspired