Monday, August 27, 2012

Enjoying 10 Things

Hope you had a good weekend!

We have several guests that will be coming this up coming month (so EXCITED, can't WAIT) and as a clean freak (at times) I started listing things I need to do in my head and every time I think about it, I get so ansy I have to do something else! So to get my mind off of the much needed work to be done in the house, I decided to post 10 things I'm enjoying right now.

Annie's extra cheesy cheddar bunnies

bathroom door hanger (scored at Ross for just $3!)

Boutique 9 brown leather boots (also scored at Ross for just $45!)

Vintage adjustable lamp from elizabethwrenvintage on etsy (click here)

Vintage Hangers No 1 from elizabethwrenvintage on etsy (click here)

Talenti's tahitian vanilla bean!!

Forever21 winter color block coat (scored on sale for just $12.99!)

Feel good movies, Sister Act 2

Boyce Avenue
(especially their cover's with Tyler Ward and Megan Nicole; watch here!)

Hardworking husband :)

There is joy in the Lord
There is love in his spirit
There's hope in the knowledge of him
There's a fountain that flows
Like a river from heaven
Abounding in love to my soul

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