Friday, August 31, 2012


Happy Friday! This post is based on the new discoveries I have found. Of course, these things were already in existence, but only recently have been discovered by yours truly:)

Discovery #1

B.D. Baggies 
I found this at a thrift shop days ago and decided to buy it for my husband. I loved the green white stripes and that it had a washed worn look and the fact that the label stood out was such a bold statement. I brought it home and he tried it on and said it was to big, so it now belongs to me (am secretly really happy). I then noticed a permanent stamp towards the bottom of the shirt. This then led me to looking them up online.
I was excited to see that B.D. Baggies was an existing brand and a pride in their pre-laundered fabrics, and to my first admired impression, the worn look. Find out more about them here, B.D. Baggies

Discovery #2

A Korean movie based on 7 girlfriends as they reminisce their early years as best friends and as a group called Sunny. My husband and I laughed throughout the whole movie. Does this remind you of your early school years?

ending with a simple DIY...

I was contemplating for a while on how to store my belts. I wanted them to be easily accessed and displayed so that I can plan my outfits in a speedy process, and this is what came up! 

Materials: ball pins, any wall.
Directions: place pins on wall in a line with enough space in-between to place your belts.

Voila, you have your belt hanger.

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."

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